Infosys asks for a list of documents that you must pass on to the company while you participate in the training program. This list of documents consists of training certificates/documents, medical certificates, NSR registration, service contract, etc. The Infosys service contract is the crucial document for which almost everyone has doubts about how it is printed and signed. I am writing this article to give a brief explanation of how to do it. You must follow the following steps in order to make the service agreement correct and correct. The first question that comes to mind is how to print the Infosys service agreement. hello admin. I have a few questions about the location. Since I`m from Gurgaon and we have infosys, is there any chance that I can get a job at Gurgaon after my training at mysore? Step 6) Now you have the certification of the service agreement for which you don`t have to take a headache. You can easily receive it notarized on your membership date. You charge for this a fee of 60 Rs.- Thanks for the information Admin.I I`m clear that, as an „engineer“ on all documents at the time of NOTARY On DOJi, we have just a little doubt to resolve, „Can we come on our own to join DOJ with all the service contracts printed on stamped papers and signed by Surety (Parent/Guardian) „, witness 2 and 3“? Hello, I have my service contract in my hometown. Will there be a problem? In accordance with the instructions, the service agreement must be included in a sheet of 6 or a legal sheet. But I don`t know what a6 paper looks like.

What if we criticized the scratched line on the stamp paper…. I only made two words on the line… and in the warranty address I forget to leave room in the PIN code this case? I`m confused with the right A6 size? Is it green or white and how big is it? Is it larger than A4 or lower than A4? Please help us with what should be appropriate for this service contract? Please help Sir cos I print my service AS IT was …. I did not mention my name or doj or my fathers` names printed ….. Just space to be filled on doj… the service agreement is rejected ??? Ples help sir Is it mandatory for me to receive my notarized service contract or to be able to do so elsewhere? Coz I received my notary at home:( Is it mandatory for trainees who enter infosys on January 19 to prepare a service contract? hey chirag. I did the same thing, so what did you do? What must be written before the serial number step 2) In infosys` instruction, a service agreement must be entered into on the Rs buffer paper.