(a) Software products provided by Infoblox are only granted to the customer in the form of the object code, for the duration of the evaluation period, in the form of the object code, as provided in the product with which it is delivered for the purpose of the customer`s evaluation. The customer does not have the right to transfer, sublicensing, renting, lending, distributing or distributing the products, directly or indirectly, or not to use the products on unauthorized devices; b) copying products; (c) reverse engineering, decompilation, cutting or other testing to detect underlying sources or product algorithms, unless applicable law explicitly prohibits reverse engineering restrictions, (d) modifications, modifications or creation of product-derived works; (e) use products for competition with Infoblox, including competition analysis, performance calibration or marketing; (f) to use the products, except in accordance with the documents published by Infoblox („documentation“); or (g) use products after the evaluation period. 13.6 Independent contractors. We are all independent contractors with respect to the purpose of this agreement. Nothing that is included in this agreement is somehow considered or interpreted as a partnership, joint venture, employment, agency, agent or similar relationship between us, and neither of us can bind the other by contract. The „PML service“ refers to CoreOS` Linux Premium service. The PML service contains a license for an object code version of the CoreUpdate software application™ owner of CoreUpdate, which will be granted to you as software under this agreement and can only be used as part of your evaluation of the PML service. 7.4. The evaluator will do everything in its power to provide detailed reports and data from product test results, including, but not limited to, but not limited to, the use of the products in the evaluator`s testing environment, at an agreed frequency.

At the end of the evaluation, the evaluator will make an appropriate effort to provide Netgate with a detailed summary report on the tests performed and the results of these tests. Netgate holds all rights, securities and interest on and on these reports and data. The licensee wishes to grant a licensee to the licensee and the licensee wishes to acquire a licensee for the PlanGrid service only for the purpose of internal evaluation of the licensee during the period set by the SOF, and otherwise subject to the terms of that agreement, – To make things simple, we assume that the evaluation is intended for a service (no product). and that the service is software. 11.2 Restrictions on use and disclosure. You will not use our confidential information unless this Agreement allows it. You agree to keep our confidential confidential information confidential and protect it with at least the same degree of diligence that you use for your own information of the same nature, but at least an appropriate degree of care in all cases. You agree to take all reasonable steps to prevent the unauthorized disclosure of our confidential information, including, but not only, the disclosure of confidential information only to your employees, independent contractors, consultants and legal and financial advisors (together „representative“) (i) with the need to know this information, (ii) parties to appropriate agreements that are sufficient to comply with this section 11 , and (iii) the confidentiality obligations imposed by this section. You are responsible for all the actions and omissions of your representatives. The above obligations do not prevent you from disclosing our confidential information in accordance with the order or application of a jurisdiction, administrative authority or other government authority, provided that you give us an appropriate notification so that we can challenge this injunction or request.