You will find additional help by reaching an agreement after the separation and who can help you reach an agreement? Both instructions explain how to complete the required forms and submit them at check-in. If you have an agreement or court decision in force, you do not need to see a judge or go to court to file for divorce. A conciliation conference is a meeting with a judge in court to explore ways in which your problems can be resolved. You, the other party, your lawyers (if you have them) and a judge will participate in the session. The judge may or may not have the same judge you will have when you go to court. The role of the judge is to help you reach an agreement, not to be a decision maker. Each page makes offers on what it wants and the judge comments whether it is fair and reasonable. The judge does not have the formal authority to bring the parties to the solution at this stage, but is generally strongly in favour of the settlement by criticizing the positions of the parties at trial. The judge also indicated how a judge would be likely to rule on the contentious issues during the trial. If both parties want a judge to help solve the problems, ask for a conciliation conference: in the event of an undisputed divorce, both parties agree to the divorce and its terms. One party will file a divorce application in court, the other will agree with the conditions set out in the petition.

In general, this is done after an informal discussion on behalf of the outgoing spouses. For example, the couple may decide in advance how the property is split and detailed in the petition. First, an undisputed divorce is much cheaper than a traditional divorce. This is because there is no waste of time in the courtroom and there are far fewer legal documents to produce and file. In addition, many law firms, including Genus Law, offer packages for uncontested divorces. Second, there is usually only one lawyer involved in an undisputed divorce, unlike any party that retains its own in a disputed divorce. This is done by the fact that you and your spouse share the costs of the lawyer for your undisputed divorce. All this was added to a divorce that can only be a fraction of what a „normal“ divorce would cost.

This guide is for spouses who jointly apply for a simple and undisputed divorce. This means that you agree on all separation issues and just ask for a divorce decision. Accept the requirement for a copy of your contract and the $30 deposit fee at the registrar.