„It was a breakdown,“ said one person familiar with the situation who was not authorized to discuss the case. „It just demonstrates the company`s commitment to working with the union to ensure that this agreement is what it should be for all employees.“ DETROIT – The hourly interim agreement between Ford Motor Co. and united Auto Workers has been sent to UAW members for ratification, according to a UAW statement. The preliminary agreement follows GM`s contract to include annual increases and lump sum payments. According to a statement, the agreement includes $6 billion in investments in U.S. facilities, as well as the creation and maintenance of more than 8,500 jobs. The treaty will be reviewed by the Ford Council of the UAW and then a ratification vote. The union will meet with hundreds of local leaders Friday in Detroit to find out the details. After the 40-day strike by United auto workers against General Motors, UAW executives and the Ford Motor Company agreed on a new employment contract. The UAW agreement with Ford is similar to the one the union reached with GM in October and has yet to be ratified by UAW workers at Ford. The UAW did not strike at Ford and, unlike the tense five-week negotiation period during the strike against GM, the UAW and Ford reached an interim agreement in just three days.

Ford Motor Co. and united Auto Workers have secured a proposal for a tentative agreement less than a week after UAW members ratified an agreement with General Motors Co. Fords Dirksen said in a prepared statement: „Ford can confirm the UAW announcement that UAW and Ford have reached a proposal for an interim agreement on a four-year contract. More details will be released at a later date. Marick Masters, an economics professor at Wayne State University, said a thorough review of the interim agreement was essential. Ford Motor Co. has agreed with the United Auto Workers union on a new employment contract for its U.S. employees, likely avoiding a strike that cost General Motors Co billions of dollars. Experts had expected a preliminary contract with Ford to be concluded fairly quickly. GM and UAW had to start from scratch to sign a new four-year contract. Negotiations with Ford – and at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV, the last Detroit automaker to negotiate a contract with the union in 2019 – have the advantage of following GM`s model. Negotiating teams led by Rory Gamble, vice president of Ford`s UAW department, and Bill Dirksen, Ford`s vice president of laboratory affairs, quickly reached an agreement after „seriously“ starting the discussion on economic issues on Monday.