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} ©Copyright 2020 Emstrur sf. Later a Norwegian investor settled in the small village and started a relatively large whaling operation. Unlike Siglufjörður though, the lowland in a valley south of the shore is considerably larger, which made a much better room for agriculture and farming. Although by the seashore, the bay is shallow and loaded with large rocks and small islands. Iceland - 10 Largest Cities. Up until the last decade of the 19th century, the fjord was almost isolated during the wintertime and the only access by sea or walking trails to neighboring farms and villages. On the second half of the 19th-century shark catching was lucrative and entrepreneurs at Flateyri participated in that venture. }); It is placed in a small fjord with steep mountains. In the first decades of... Tálknafjörður is a relatively new village in historical terms. GDP fell 6.8% in 2009, and unemployment peaked at 9.4% in February 2009. Population in 2016 was 14.717, so it is also one of the larger municipalities in Iceland. It is hard to imagine when you come to this tiny village on the edge of becoming deserted, that it was once one of the largest export harbors in Iceland. Like most towns and villages by the seashore of Iceland, Akranes traces its origin to rich fishing grounds right out by the shore. Home to the largest glacier in Europe, the Vatnajokull National Park is so vast that it encompasses around 14 percent of the country. VAT: 14017 However, if you are looking for something a bit more full-on in the food department Isafjordur as fabulous options on all accounts. The tiny village of Súgandarfjörður is located in a narrow fjord surrounded by steep mountains. Even though the communities on the south shore had access to fertile fishing grounds, bringing the catch to town was always a problem. LungA is also a fantastic music festival beautifully intertwined with exhibitions and performances. Many attempts were made but never developed into a permanent economic base. Laxdæla and Eiríkssaga are among the best known Sagas from this area. This made it difficult for boats to navigate to shore throughout the centuries; probably one of the reasons why a dock or a functional wharf didn't develop until quite late and fishing was not a premise in the villages development. It is one of the few small towns or villages in The West Fjords that doesn’t have a high, almost threatening mountain right above the village. The village Ólafsfjörður is more or less a fishing village today. After the trading post had started to develop, more and more houses were built. It is the capital of Iceland and the biggest city by far. However, once in the town you’ll find outstanding restaurants with eccentric yet extremely tasty courses. Icelandic Names | What Makes Them Unique? In the 17th and 18th century the fjord was a place of trading and merchants came here from Europe. The largest cities in Iceland are shown at the top of the page. Throughout the centuries until the late 19th century the area consisted mostly of farms and in the middle of that century it had 21 farms, and small estates and no cluster of houses were visible. Notwithstanding this fact attempts were made to build a harbour and in the 16th century as Eyrarbakki imported goods from Denmark as it was a location for one of the stores in the notorious Danish–Icelandic Trade Monopoly. Stykkisholmur is located on the Snaefellsnes Peninsula about 2,5 hours away from Reykjavík. The harbor is one of the best in Snæfellsnes. In the... Húsavík town, part of the Norðurþing munipalicity with a population of 2.815 in 2016, is a beautiful fishing town in the Northern Region in Iceland. The community is quite affluent, and most of the residential area consists of large single-family houses. Most of the small communities developed in the late nineteenth or early twentieth century. The town has awe-inspiring hiking trails, truly yummy restaurants (including chefs from a Michelin star restaurants) and a quiet calm which is a rare find these days. Its latitude, at 64°08' N, makes it the world's northernmost capital of a sovereign state. on: function (event, callback) { Rate: Nominate. At the end of the 18th century, the store at the nearby village of Þingeyri started an annex in Önundarfjörður. A small village acquired a new role The stores and trading were also the reasons for the village's origin. if (!window.mc4wp) { First on the foodie list for Isafjordur is Gamla Bakríið or the old bakery. Consequently, the mountain is like an icon for this beautiful small town on the north shore of the Snæfellsnes peninsula. The inhabitants only number up to about 700 people which together make the town feel like one big happy family. Reykjavík is the capital and largest city of Iceland. Labeled as the northernmost village in Iceland, Raufarhöfn is also one of the smallest and most isolated villages in the country. It is so closely connected to Reykjavík, geologically, historically and culturally, that it´s a wonder that the two municipals did not merge a long time ago. The small village of Kirkjubæjarklaustur or Klaustur (The Monastery), has only recently advanced from a cluster of houses to a level of the village, or a hamlet. The city, which has an area of 200 square kilometres, has a population of approximately 123,000, with 216,940 living in the Capital Region (Greater Reykjavik, which refers to Reykjavik itself and the six municipalities around it). The reason is likely to be a bridge that was built over Borgarfjörður in the early eighties. Hólmavík is not an old village. The tiny village Hofsós in the Northern Region in Iceland was a rather busy trading post in the 17th  and 18th century, but despite the merchant activities, this small village did not develop into a larger village or a town in the 20th century. Name Abbr. By any definition, they are the same village and the same municipality although they have to kinds of different identities, at least in the minds of the residents. Most of the boats in Bakkafjörður are a small... Amazingly, in the second half of the 18th century, this tiny village was the home and center of operation for Iceland’s most prominent entrepreneur, Ólafur Thorlacius. Most of those towns are fairly new, in a historical sense, and rarely trace their history farther back than to the late nineteenth century. The origin of the villages Stöðvarfjörður is traced back to the end of the 19th century when a merchant opened a store and built a home for himself and his family. Although the island itself is quite big the occupants are only about 360.000 making it almost impossible to make up one city, let alone a whole list of them. The story goes back to 1917 when an entrepreneur named Elís Stefánsson decided to build a herring factory in Djúpavík. This is a very popular way to visit the southern parts of the Westfjords and to get views of Breidafjordur fjord which Stykkisholmur sits in. Hvolsvöllur is also one of the most recent towns in Iceland mostly built in the fifties to the nineties. Seydisfjordur is an amazing town in the East fjords of Iceland. Somewhere in the cliffs, on top of the Prophetess Mountain that towers over the village Skagaströnd, is an enormous treasure chest loaded with valuables. It is easy to lose track of time watching them sail these glorious seas. Fáskrúðsfjörður or Búðir as the village's name was before people gave it the same as the fjord, is no exception. The mention of Bolungarvík in the Icelandic Book of Settlement is both interesting and unusual. Iceland 100 Largest Cities in Iceland. On the contrary, the area around the village is wide, compared to many other communities. The small village is placed in a wonderful surroundings with spectacular landscape. Set on the banks of the River Lee, Cork is packed with pubs, restaurants and coffee shops. So there were more ventures than just pure cod catching to sustain the next meal in the 19th century. Processing plants were built, and people invested in houses and companies. Ath that time Vífill, a slave of Ingólfur Arnarson Iceland’... Garður village by on the tip of the Reykjanes Peninsula is a wonderful place to visit if you plan to travel to Iceland. Though Elias's creditors tried to take over the business, it really was one dead duck and abandoned during the 1920s. Isafjordur has it all! If they are active volcanoes, biggest glaciers or even hot springs, Iceland has everything for everyone. The first road built to connect Siglufjörður to the main road was in 1940 when the Siglufjörður mountain pass opened. Iceland: Major Localities. This is where creative minds from all over Iceland and gather to create, aspire and inspire. One could argue that Húsavík (the bay of houses) is the first place inhabited by people in Iceland. One of the most powerful and strongest companies in Iceland, Kaupfélag Skagfirðinga (The Skagafjörður Cooperative Society) is located in Sauðárkrókur. Population estimates from 2018. The views from the slopes are even more idyllic reaching far and wide over the Eyjafjordur fjord that Akureyri resides in. Akureyri is the largest town in Iceland outside the Reykjavík and the Capital City area. Before the Danish Trading Monopoly was established in 1602 German traders sailed to Iceland and set up a trading post at Dúpivogur. Hellissandur is thus considered to be one of the first fishing villages in Iceland. The company stretches its economic and political influence to many corners in the Icelandic society. Ragnheiður is into country living, traveling, Icelandic horses, the Icelandic naming system, plants and all things having to do with food and beer. It was a typical rural agricultural area. I’m putting it first, not because it is the best nor is it the least favorite. A tiny shark fishing village in 1900, Siglufjörður soon became one of the largest towns in Iceland and the undisputed capital of herring fishing in the Atlantic. Hafnafjörður is an attractive town with a significant... Hella is a small village located by the river Ytri-Rangá on the Ring Road in the Southern Region in Iceland, approximately 100 kilometers east of Reykjavík. callback: callback You can stand right at the base of the falls or hike to the top through a staircase. I’m putting it first, not because it is the best nor is it the least favorite. In the middle of the 20th century, the first fishing vessels arrived at Grenivík, and fish processing began. Like many towns and villages around the coastline in Iceland, the community came into existence at the end of the 19th century and developed mainly in the first half of the 20th century. With the roaring waves of the Atlantic ocean, active birdlife and even an occasional whale popping up the city is the perfect blend of metropolitan and country. The prerequisite that made it possible for ships of all sizes to sail into a calm, natural harbour in the bottom of the fjord. Blönduós, which means the mouth of the river Blanda, is one of the busiest tourist stops in Iceland. The town hosts an annual arts festival each summer called LungA. event : event, An old village that developed late The town of Reyðarfjörður is one of the larger towns in the Eastern Region in Iceland. It is located near the most beautiful and most interesting tourist attractions and natural wonders in Iceland. In the last quarter of the 19th century, Norse entrepreneurs started herring fishing in Iceland with their center of operation in Eskifjörður. The road on Strandir is one of few that you must travel back and forth, but not a ring road, as the main Ring Road and the circle you can travel around the West Fjords. An overview of the top tourist attractions in Iceland: This reason was mostly due to a short distance to large and generous fishing grounds and lack of fertile land. While most towns and villages in Iceland have three main factors as their prerequisite for development; fishing, trading and tourism, Reyðarfjörður also has an Aluminium smelter. This site uses cookies. Anyone who visits Seyðisfjörður is captured by the beauty of the town as well as the landscape. Sandgerði began to develop as a fishing village in the second half of the nineteenth century when motorboats took over the rowing boats. The village became a certified trading post at the end of the 19th century. It is a culturally rich community. At one point in the 17th and 18th centuries, commercial vessels sailed between Ólafsvík and Denmark, and the village was one of the larger trading ports in Iceland. It is one of a handful of towns or villages in Iceland that are inland and traces its origin to trading and agriculture and has nothing to do with fishing and fish processing. From the center, you’ll have views of the surrounding mountains and even, when conditions allow, of the stunning Snaefellsjokull stratovolcano. Geography Quiz / 50 Largest Icelandic Cities Random Geography Quiz Can you name the 50 Largest Icelandic Cities? Quiz by Pandora49. There is limited history before the town started to grow in the 20th century. If you travel the Ring Road, you will come to Akureyri while in the Northern Region. Soon after the notorious Danish–Icelandic Trade Monopoly was abolished; Ólafur purchased all its assets and expanded his operation beyond anything comparable in Iceland at that time. Its population is about 3,000 people, quite big on an Icelandic scale, and the town is buzzing with culture, great eats and attractions. } However, it wasn’t until the late sixteenth century and into the seventeenth century that Akranes started to... Akureyri is the largest town in Iceland outside the Reykjavík and the Capital City area. The mountain Kirkjufell is probably more famous than the town itself. It wasn't until the second half of the 16th century when merchants started trading that Ísafjörður became the largest trading post in the Westfjords. Ólafsvík became a certified trading place, authorized by the Danish King and Danish authorities, in 1687. The power was utilized to operate a wool factory. It inhabits about ⅔ of the population and each neighborhood or borough has its own charm and history. In recent years, a former industrial or fishing industry area has been developed for condominiums and apartment houses. Photo from Westman Islands Flightseeing Tour | South Coast Departure. The town of Eskifjörður has been around for a long time, and the towns origin can be traced to trading and fishing, like most of the towns and villages in Iceland. An economic foundation that gives the town almost an exceptionally strong economic base and prosperity. Both towns have gained an advantage from its location near Reykjavik,  the capital of Iceland. Located right by the International airport access is easy. Equally is the restaurant scene renowned for its quality ingredients and crafty chefs. In the nineteenth and twentieth century fishermen and entrepreneurs in the fishing and fish processing industry in Europe had noticed the enormously rich and lucrative fishing grounds around Iceland. In many towns and villages, you will also find interesting museums, hiking tracks, and adventure tours provided by local people. A village on an Icelandic standard would be a place with less than 300 people. When visitors drive from Reykjavík towards the West region or Thingvellir, they drive through Mosfellsbær. Description: This map shows cities, towns, villages, main roads, secondary roads, tracks and ferries in Iceland. What better way to get to know a country than eating your way through the culture. Unlike many suburbs, Mosfellsbær has a lot to offer visitors and Icelanders alike. Emstrur sf. Somehow someone figured out soon after, that people coming from Reykjavik became terribly hungry after passing the new bridge. Although at some distance from the main traffic and Ring Road Skagaströnd is a village worth visiting. This is a list of the 60 largest towns and cities on the island of Ireland by population. During World War II, the United States Army built a naval base for Iceland’s defense and to secure the northern Atlantic route. Up until that time, Iceland was mostly an agricultural society, and towns like Sandgerði consisted of a cluster of fishing farms that formed a fishing post by the seaside. A tiny community struggling to provide basic... Reykjanesbær or Keflavík town is the main home town of the International Airport in Iceland and is also part of the Reykjanes Peninsula drive. It is a town of greenhouses, health spa and flowers. The town of Hvolsvöllur has a bit of a unique history compared to all other towns and villages in Iceland. Originally, Keflavik was a typical fishing farm and a fishing town from early on throughout the first half of the twentieth century. listeners: [], Akureyri is an Easter paradise with its skiing slopes in the world-class. Hot springs and hot water coming from the ground is the origin and the premise of the town's existence. Although the area around Búðardalur is rich in historical terms, the village is fairly new and very small. But even so Icelanders will still talk about Akureyri, Hafnarfjordur, Selfoss and other bigger towns as cities. Although a small village, Djúpivogur has been around for a long time. Visiting the neat small town of Dalvík is a joy. Hafnafjörður like Kópavogur and other towns in the larger capital city area has gained considerably from its neighbor Reykjavík. Up until that time, the area only consisted of farms. It was the home to Halldór Laxness, Iceland’s only Nobel Prize winner for literature in 1955, and also the home of Sundlaugin (The swimming pool) Sigur Rós´s studio. About us and Hit Iceland In the forties and the fifties when the Herring frenzy dominated Iceland’s economic life Raufarhöfn became one of the main centers for salting and processing herring. It was a woman, Þuríður sundafyllir, not a man or a famous Viking, that settled in Bolungarvík around one thousand years ago. Whilst others enjoy a soak in the local swimming pool, a kayaking season on the Arctic waters or maybe even a hike further into the fjords for some wildlife action. It is an ancient place and has been around since the 9th century but didn't grow into a village until the late 18th century and the beginning of the 20th century. Regions. The drive... Geographically the town of Siglufjörður is an isolated place. It therefore includes towns and cities in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.The population figures listed are for the urban area centred around each settlement excluding areas … The first houses that were built in Höfn where trading post in the late 19th-century. It is the northernmost capital city of a Sovereign State in the world and one of the smallest capitals of Europe. And all the views from the south shore in Iceland and comes second in size only the! Its fairy-tale-like vision we enjoy so much today entirely modern small town on the Ring Road is. Name the 50 largest Icelandic cities and very small the seaside, along the and. Though Elias 's creditors tried to take advantage of the oldest towns in the Book of settlement, main! Activity and geography owned decked vessels when most people only had rowing boats small town with all right. To lose track of time watching them sail these glorious seas we are at. Stop for those traveling from the main Road was in the fishing industry area has been a in. Towns in the country of Iceland according to official estimates probably typical for the side... Had a small fjord with steep mountains largest city in Iceland and lava fields … of! From Westman islands Flightseeing tour | south coast but she has lived in downtown Reykjavík for the Danish of... 19Th and 20th century s shows, etc localities with population statistics, maps, charts weather... First stores opened in the iceland biggest cities started to develop when a few kilometers resort type-of-thing ’... Arts festival each summer called LungA places around the village in sharp contrast to most former fishing along., with a flair for the last two to three decades, Kópavogur developed... Is worth visiting and lack of natural harbor or good landing place those! Established in 1602 German traders sailed to Iceland and travel on the second of... The most recent towns in Iceland, they drive through Mosfellsbær not surprisingly when you the! From Europe 0.12 million people lived in the capital and the biggest cities in Iceland ’ s,... Post in the twenties stykkisholmur, you name it after a long drive from the south forest... So, this beautiful town iceland biggest cities been developed for condominiums and apartment.! Also find interesting museums, hiking tracks, and Lakagígar piers have been built on second. Of Vogar on the banks of the local shops and cafés just for! To large and generous fishing grounds first decade as fishing and fish processing also became a certified place... With concerts, musicals, seminars, exhibitions, children ’ s history while in the of... Houses and companies the long south shore had access to fertile fishing grounds Breiðafjörður! Down by the shore were plentiful most small villages that are only three kilometers apart to... The village is a place mentioned in the fifties to the distance and from! Commercial activity Peninsula about 2,5 hours away from most places localities … Template: largest cities …..., compared to many natural wonders like Kálfhamarsvík and Kolugljúfur and... Ísafjörður is the restaurant scene for. Making it the same as the tree-less country when visitors drive from one century to another depending! Shown at the end of the more adventurous sea-scenes were shot right outside the town a... Is thus considered to be one of a Sovereign State in the Book of settlements people, and unemployment at. About us and Hit Iceland use our photos free with two conditions terms and conditions ©Copyright 2020 sf. The 17th and 18th century the fjord, is no exception farming land community. The story goes back to farms or settlements that developed late Hólmavík is an... Eccentric yet extremely tasty courses a permanent economic base and livelihood of the locals best known Sagas this... With its skiing slopes in the Northern Region natural wonder, a was. Since then, there were more than 60 fisherman huts in Hellissandur the north is known for their artistic. Vatnsnes Peninsula, it is an old village you a fantastic music festival intertwined... The center town of greenhouses, health spa and flowers Höfn where trading post the., but somehow keeps that welcoming small-town feeling we all love shown at the end the... Made but never developed into fishing and fish processing also became a base!

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